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Timothy Hogan is a highly acclaimed photographer and director, specializing in product photography and high-speed tabletop cinematography. With an unmatched passion for capturing the essence of products and their unique stories, Timothy has built a stellar reputation for his exceptional artistic vision and technical expertise.

As a seasoned professional, Timothy combines his profound understanding of lighting, composition, and aesthetics to create visually captivating imagery that elevates products to new heights. His unrivaled skill in capturing the finest details and textures ensures that each product comes to life in a way that engages viewers on a profound level.

Timothy's expertise extends beyond photography, as he is also a master of high-speed tabletop cinematography. Through his innovative approach and cutting-edge techniques, he brings movement and dynamism to the world of product promotion. His meticulous attention to detail and ability to seamlessly merge creativity with technical precision allow him to produce visually stunning and engaging cinematic experiences.

With a versatile portfolio encompassing various industries, including beverage, fashion, beauty, luxury goods, and consumer products, Timothy Hogan has collaborated with renowned brands and agencies worldwide. His work has been featured in prestigious publications and campaigns, making him a sought-after artist among clients who value exceptional quality and a unique perspective.

Timothy's commitment to excellence, professionalism, and client satisfaction sets him apart in the industry. His dedication to understanding the nuances of each product, combined with his ability to translate brand messages into compelling visual narratives, make him a trusted partner for businesses seeking impactful product photography and high-speed tabletop cinematography.

Whether you are looking to showcase a new product, create captivating promotional content, or bring your brand to life through immersive storytelling, Timothy Hogan's artistic prowess and technical mastery will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. His ability to capture the essence of products and convey their stories through the lens is unparalleled, making him the go-to photographer and director for those who demand nothing but the best.



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Communication Arts Photo Annual, Award of Excellence - Winsor and Newton, White World
Communication Arts Photo Annual, Award of Excellence - Vince Camuto - Explosions

Graphis Photo Annual - Silver Medal - TheFinProject
Graphis Photo Annual - Gold Medal - Color Forms

Graphis Design Annual - Miller High Life

Communication Arts Photo Annual, Award of Excellence, Glove Composition Number 1

Clio - Bronze - Miller High Life

Graphis Photography Annual -Gold Medal - Smoke Series

Graphis Photography Annual - Gold Medal - Lipstick
Graphis Photography Annual - Gold Medal - Tumblers

Graphis Photography Annual Cover



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The 7000 sf space features great ventilation, beautiful natural light, and multiple shooting areas for all types of productions.

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