For booking inquiries, fill out the form below. We've also created a guide (scroll down) to bring through our project inquiry process. 

If you'd prefer to speak with our Reps in NYC or London, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you.


How to Work with Us

1) Fill out the form above. 

Drop us a line. You'll recieve an email from us for some details on your project and a link to schedule an inquiry call. (more on that below)

2) Gather Your Ducks

We've outlined a few items we'll need from you. The more accurately and clearly you can answer the below, the better.

  • Goals - what are your goals for the project? How do you determine if it is a success?
  • Timeline - when do you need this project completed?
  • Budget - what have you set aside to solve this?
  • Impact - what will happen if you don’t solve this?
  • Team - what resources do you have, who do you *think* you need?
  • Creative Brief or Inspiration - what do you want it to look and feel like?

A very important note on budget:

If your first question is "How much?", we're likely not a fit for you.
Our production services are aimed at high end clientele with complex issues to solve.

If you're pre-revenue or just launching, we suggest our sister company, CONVYR. 

3) Inquiry Call

Next, we’ll hold a 30 min inquiry call to determine if we’re a fit for each other. We’ll discuss the ducks listed above, and help guide you through the process if you're not quite there yet. 

Hint:It’s ok if we’re not a fit - we rather figure that out first!

4) Proposal

If we're a mutual fit, we'll craft a proposal for you. 

5) Have Fun

Now the fun begins.

We'll dive into inventing solutions to solve whatever problems seem unsolvable. 



For Booking Inquiries in the US:

James Hill

For Booking Inquiries in the UK / Europe:

+44 (0)20 7837 4600


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